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Expertise – Dori Lee Designs


Here are my proficiency in Instructional Design 

Blended Learning

By integrating learning materials that individuals can access at anytime and anywhere with face-to-face training/workshop, learners absorb knowledge at their own pace and be ready for the onsite training/workshop.  

Micro Learning

Preventing cognitive overload. Learning takes place when content can be consumed in small bites, relevant to the learners, and able to be applied “just-in-time”.


The elements of gamification create a sense of achievement in the learning process. Learners motivation and engagement levels can be increased through the sense of competitiveness.  

Scenario-based Learning

Cultivating learners subject knowledge and critical thinking ability by using interactive scenarios. Providing opportunities for learners to experience real-world problems in order to enhance their problem solving skills in a safe environment.

Adult Learning

Adults learn better when they have control over their own learning through problem solving and by doing. Adults need to know WHY they are learning something and the knowledge is of immediate use.


Los Angeles, CA